Adjusting the back panel

The bottom part of the panel should go from knie to knie to allow the baby the so called M position. For that put the carrier on the floor warning label facing to you. Put your baby on the carrier to see how wide the panel must be to support the baby from knie to knie. Adjust the panel with the integrated cotton straps and knot. 

Adjusting the shoulder straps

The shoulder straps can be adjusted with the double sided buckle on both straps. This buckle should be in a position easily reachable for you to fasten by yourself. This is for most people around your waistline under your armpits. 

You can use the upper strap adjusted to the male buckle to reach the individual length that is suitable for you. For that you should put on the carrier without the baby and cross both shoulder straps. Let out as much length from the upper strap as necessary to be able to reach the buckles with both hands. The lower side of the straps attached to the back panel will be used for tightening the carrier. This does not need any special adjustment, but before you start putting your baby into the carrier you can let out app. 20 cm of extra length, that will make it easier to fasten the shoulder straps and tighten them.