This carrier is available in two sizes. Baby size is suitable from app. 56 cm and 3,5 kg, toddler size is suitable from app. 80 cm. Only use this carrier if your baby has reached the minimum size and weight. Never use this carrier if your baby gets lost in it, even when it has reached the minimal body length and weight. 


Your baby's airways must always remain free and the body supported by the carrier. 


Always hold on to your baby while putting it into the carrier until both shoulder straps are fastened and tightened securely. Infants can fall out of this carrier. 


Before each use make sure all buckles, straps, knots and fabric are safe. After fastening the buckles always make sure that they clicked in safely. If you see any damaged parts do not use this carrier. 


Take special care with leaning. Baby can fall out of this carrier. Never bend at waist, always bend at your knees and hold on to the baby. 


Never strap the baby too tight against your body. That goes for the head support as well. Always leave room for head movement and always make sure that the airways are free. 


Always monitor your baby while carrying. 


Airways must remain free during the whole time while carrying. Do not let the baby sink into the carrier. 


Never leave alone your baby in or with this carrier.


This carrier is designed for inward facing carrying only. Do not use this carrier to face the baby outwards.