About Our Tulipes

Welcome to Our Tulipes, the new membership service of Tulipe Turquoise. Your new wrap is just one click away!


With Our Tulipes we offer you the most sustainable, easy and fun babywearing experience. For a monthly membership fee you can choose any wrap or carrier from our Our Tulipes Shop. You can keep your chosen wrap as long as you want. Or as short as you want. You can exchange it any time you wish. Or never exchange it at all. No high retail prices, no unnecessary waste, only keep what you want, as long as you want. Sustainable and easy. 


Now you just have to decide which one first?


The Membership

A monthly membership is available for 29 Euros/month.


A registration fee of 40 Euros applies on first registration. No minimal membership time. You can cancel your membership any time to the end of the month. Please note all shippings are covered by the member! Please read our Terms and Conditions carefully before joining our service.

How to join?

You wish to join Our Tulipes? Just choose a wrap put it in the Shopping Cart and put the option  "Join Our Tulipes" in your Shopping Cart as well. Your registration fee and your first payment will be charged and you are ready to go!  Your wrap or carrier will be sent to you within 2-8 working days (please check the availability when you chose your size) and you will receive every month an invoice on your membership.


You can cancel your membership any time to the end of the month via email to nora@tulipe-turquoise.com. Read more on cancellation in our Terms and Conditions.


For detailed information please read our Terms and Condition. Unfortunately, Our Tulipes is only available within the European Union. We are working on a world wide service. If you have questions, do not hesitate to contact us via nora@tulipe-turquoise.com.