Safety First


  1. Please use our service on own responsibility. Tulipe Turquoise is not responsible for any damages or injuries caused by wrong handling of our product. 
  2. Please always make sure to use common sense when carrying a child! Keep the airways always free (even in winter!), never cover it with any fabric (no wrap, scarf, jacket..) and make sure your child cannot fall out of the wrap or carrier. 
  3. Never let go on a child while putting it in a warp or carrier until the wrap or carrier is put on and secured. 
  4. If you are not experienced using a baby wrap or a carrier, please always seek professional advice from a babywearing conultant. 
  5. Never leave a baby alone in a wrap. 


Our Service


  1. Our Tulipes is a Membership based wrap sharing service. At registration a one time fee of 40 Euros will apply. 
  2. The Membership fee is 39 Euros/month. Your monthly Membership fee will be paid through monthly invoicing. The invoice will come the first 3 working days every month.
  3. There is no minimal Membership time, you can cancel your Membership any time to the end of the month. That means if you cancel on the 29th of the month, you will be charged only until the end of that month. Just don’t forget to ship your wrap back before the end that month (more info at „Cancellation“)
  4. You can use the wrap or carrier as long as you want and pay the monthly Membership Fee. You can ship it back any time and chose a new wrap. 
  5. You can also keep your wrap forever if you wish to. In this case, the retail price can be either paid in one payment or you pay comfortable over your Membership fee. 
  6. To take all your worries: if you have leased a wrap over Our Tulipes and forgot to cancel your Membership or forgot to ship the wrap back after cancellation: you will be charged only up to the retail value of the wrap. After you have reached the retail value and we do not hear back from you: the wrap is yours and you won’t be charged further, your Membership will be cancelled automatically. The price is counted from the month you have received the current wrap. Your Membership prices while using another wrap will not be included in the retail price! 




  1. Every shipping from HQ to the customer and from the customer to HQ must be born by you as the Member.
  2. Please ship your wrap always insured at least up to 200 Euros and make it trackable. 
  3. When you ship back your wrap, please always send us the tracking number.
  4. Your new wrap will be shipped after we have received the tracking number of the old wrap and the wrap was clearly handed to the shipping company. This is important: a wraps status is „Shipped“ only after being handed over to the shipping company. 
  5. The Member is responsible to help if a claim by a shipping company has to be made due to damage or loss of the wrap.
  6. If the Member fails to insure the parcel and this gets lost or damaged, the Member is responsible up to the retail value of the wrap. 


Damages or loss of a wrap


  1. Our Tulipes is a wrap and carrier sharing service which is based on all Members good handling of the wraps and carriers. Otherwise it will not survive. 
  2. Besides the one time Registration Fee there is no deposit or any other insurance cost for the Member. Please use your wrap in respect of other users and the environment. 
  3. Your wrap will arrive to you either as a new wrap in loom state or ready to use. Please follow the information on the Card added in your parcel.
  4. During usage: You do not have to wash your wrap until it is visibly dirty. In this case please wash it according the instructions. This is usually machine wash on hand wash program (high value blends) or on gentle program (easy-care) with low cycle. Please always read the instructions. No Tulipe Turquoise wrap needs to be hand washed. Only full buckle carrier or onbuhimos require washing by hand. 
  5. If you detect a damage on the wrap or carrier please inform Tulipe Turquoise. Please do not use a damaged wrap or carrier until the safety has been established.
  6. Small pulls do not endanger the safety of the wrap and you do not have to worry if your wrap gets a little pull during usage. That will be fixed when back in HQ.
  7. If there is a damage which endangers safety or is strongly visible, please inform Tulipe Turquoise to discuss further steps.
  8. You always have to ship back your wrap or carrier. Even in case of considerable damage. We will up-cycle or recycle the fabric if possible.
  9. If the wrap gets lost, the Member is responsible for the full retail value of the wrap (well, if you loose your own wrap you have to bear the full loss as well). 




  1. You can cancel your Our Tulipes Membership any time to the end of the month.
  2. You must ship your last wrap back to HQ before the end of the month you wish to cancel your Membership, otherwise an additional month will be charged.
  3. A shipping is accepted when we receive the tracking number and the parcel has been handed to the shipping company.
  4. Only a tracking number without handing over to the shipping company does not lead to end of the Membership. 
  5. If you want to revive a cancelled Membership you can do it without paying the registration fee again. Just order a new wrap and include into the comments, that you want to revive your Membership. 

Please always write an email to before shipping back the wrap.