Hi. This is Nóra. I am the founder of Tulipe Turquoise. I am a millennial girl. An urban nomad. A former researcher. A current manager. And so much more. What is behind Tulipe Turquoise? Transforming baby wraps and carrier into contemporary fashion items. Into an accessory that makes you happy and confident. Our wraps and carrier should be not only the best for your baby. They should be fantastic for you and they should be friendly to our environment.  I want parents to find the wraps and carrier that suits to them. I want them to feel free and just fantastic carrying their babies and toddlers and I want them to do that with a good conscious. Do you have questions? Contact me over our contact form or via email nora(at)tulipe-turquoise.com and follow us on Instagram and Facebook @tulipe.turquoise. 


Nóra de Wijs

Christburgerstr. 46

10405 Berlin