woven wraps

Tulipe Turquoise woven wraps are available in sizes 3 to 7:


Size 3 = 3,2 m

Size 4 = 3,7 m

Size 5 = 4,2 m

Size 6 = 4,7 m

Size 7 = 5,2 m


Ring slings are app. 2m long and suitable for all. 


On demand we can produce shorter or longer wrap sizes such as 1, 2, 8 or 9 or shorter or longer ring slings. If you wish to have a special size, please get in touch.


Important to know: Our wraps come in loom state, which means they will reach their final length after the first wash. That can cause little variations in the length of the wrap. The lengths are measured with soft tape in hand (stih) which can lead to measurement differences to other measuring methods.

tulipe carrier

Tulipe Carriers are available in 2 sizes depending on the size of your baby in cm. Babysize is suitable from app. 56 cm to app. 90 cm. Toddlersize is suitable from app. 80 cm to 110 cm. 

How to select my size for a woven wrap?

Selecting the right size of woven wrap is less about the size of your baby and more about your clothing size and the type of carry you choose. Some babywearing tutorials may use the expression "base size". Your base size is the wrap length that will allow you to do all of the full length carries, like the Front Wrap Cross Carry (FWCC). If you are new to carrying your baby in a woven wrap, the general recommendation is a size 6. Size 6 is around 4,7 m and allows a variety of carries for clothing sizes 36 EU to 46 EU . If your clothing size is under 34 EU or above 48 EU your base size may vary to size 5 (34 EU or under) or size 7 (48 EU or above).


Some carries may require less wrap length, such as the Kangaroo Carry or the Rucksack Carry. In tutorials the sizes may be referred to as base size -2. For this carries you may choose a size 3 to 5 depending on your clothing size.


Our ring slings are one size fits all, that goes for size M and L. If you do not like to have a lot of fabric or you are wearing a smaller clothing size, you may choose size M (1,7 m). If you prefer to have more fabric or are wearing a higher clothing size, you may choose size L (2 m).


If you are not sure about what size to select, feel free to contact us.