Spring-Summer Story

For this years Spring-Summer Campaign we asked 3 women to share their story through motherhood with us. We asked them to choose their favorite Tulipe and picture themself as they see them self, as they want to be seen. 3 inspiring women from 3 different continents with 3 different journeys. 

Our first story brings us to Canada. Alexandra from @thisfamilytree started documenting her maternal journey when she was pregnant with her first daughter. She has lupus, an autoimmune disease, and that makes her pregnancies high risk. In those difficult times she found comfort in reaching out to other women with similar experiences. 2019 she and her husband started a podcast that became quickly very popular. It is, as she calls it, a BS-free podcast about love, parenting, relationships and life. Their ultimate goal is to destigmatize different aspects of parenthood and foster the growth of a community where people are free to share and learn from each other's experiences. 2020 Alexandra welcomed her second child and has for sure enough inspiration for the years to come.


Let's continue to South Africa, to Bongi. Bongi is a doctor and mother of two who is sharing on her blog about slow farm life, hands on parenting, adventuring and mindful living. She is passionate to talk about topics like menthal health, adoption and race. While she feels honored to have these two amazing callings in her lift, both with big responsibilities, she has learnt, that she is the best mother and doctor when she is putting herself first. Taking care of oneself and ensuring that our cup is full enables us mothers to give more in every aspect of our life.  



We end our journey in The Netherlands with Joyce. Joyce is the mother of 3, two babies in her arms and one in her heart. She is a former chef and owns now a small business. She is running her business while being a full-time mother. She says, being a mother is the most challenging and beautiful thing she has ever done. Setting a good example to her children is very important to her. "I want to show my children that working hard pays off. That being ambitious is a good thing and that surrounding yourself with people who inspire you is the way to go".