Tulipe Carrier Front Carry

Before your start ensure that the back panel and the shoulder straps are adjusted to your and your baby's needs. 

Positon the waist belt of the carrier with the warning label facing your body. The back panel of the carrier should be centered to your upper body. 

Secure the waist belt by fastening the buckles. Make sure the buckles click and are secure before you move on. You can close the buckles at any position: left, centered, right. 

For extra safety you can use the elastic loop on your right side to double secure the buckles. In this case close the waist belt on your right hand side close to the waist belt. Pull the elastic on the waist belt around the closed buckles.

Make sure the elastic is pulled around both buckles.

Tighten the waist belt by pulling on the adjustable black straps until it sits tightly above the hips. This will be easier if you push the waist belt against your belly on your front while pulling the straps on your back. If you have too much excess length you can roll the straps up and fixate it with the black elastic loop at the end of the straps. 

Lift any of the shoulder straps and place it on your shoulder. 

Pull the shoulder strap across your back. 

Take the male buckle and pull it to your side. Take the female buckle attached to the lower strap on the back panel of the carrier in your other hand. The lower black strap attached to the panel should have around 20-25 cm of extra length. 

Fasten the male and female buckle through the elastic loops of the extra safety panel and make sure they click. 

Now get your baby and put it on the shoulder without positioned shoulder strap. Hold your baby safely. Support the lower and upper body and if the baby is young, the head. 

Use your hand on the side of your body where the shoulder strap is positioned. Guide the baby into the carrier between your body and the back panel of the carrier. 

Your baby should be facing inwards, towards you, one leg looking out of the carrier. Your baby still supported by your hand until the carrier is not fully put on. 

Now change hands. The other arm should hold the baby while you slip the child's other leg underneath the strap already buckled. Make sure baby's leg is indeed underneath the closed strap before you move on.

While still holding the baby pull the back panel of the carrier up behind your child's back and pull the second shoulder strap over your shoulder. 

Pull the second shoulder strap across your back. 

Take the male buckle and fasten the buckles through the safety elastic on the extra safety panel and make sure they click. The lower strap, attached to the panel and the female buckle should have around 20-25 cm extra length like on the other side.

 While still holding the baby tighten this side with the lower strap with a downward movement to the front. Then tighten the other side as well. It can be easier to pull if you hold your baby's bum a little higher while tightening. Just always make sure you support your baby while doing this if the straps are not tight enough.

If you have excess strap fabric you can roll it up and secure it with the black elastic at the end of each strap. 

Your baby should be sitting comfortably in the back panel of the carrier. The fabric of the carrier should go from knie to knie securing the M position. Your baby's bum should be deeper than its knees. Make sure the airways of your child are free and it is not too tight in the carrier. You have the right hight if you are easily able to kiss your baby's head.  If the shoulder straps are too close to your neck just pull them carefully a little towards your shoulders away from your neck. 

Now you are ready to go! Always monitor your child while in the carrier. Do not let your baby sink into the carrier and the airways need to stay free during the whole time. 

To remove your baby from the carrier put one hand on your child to hold and unfasten the buckle on the shoulder strap which you last closed. 

Take the buckle out of the safety elastic. Still use one hand to hold the baby. 

Let the shoulder strap fall forwards and while holding your baby unfasten the buckle on the other shoulder strap and free it from the safety elastic. 

While still holding your child let the second shoulder strap fall to the front as well. Never unfasten the waist belt while your child is in the carrier. Now you can take your child.